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Ready To Take Over The World!

So, why am I doing this? Perhaps this will answer you:

Does that answer your question?


Then allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Dom and I was born on a stormy night, as the wind lashed the treetops, the strobes of lightning strikes crashed through the air and the rolling, roiling, smashing peals of thunder shook the very foundations of our family tower…

Well no, not really..

I’m just a guy who’s trying to get this Internet Marketing machine to show a spark of life.  Please join me by joining my newsletter. That way I get to tell you about all the new, cool stuff I’ve found 🙂

As a bit of transparency I must admit that some of the links in this blog will, if clicked on and bought through, give me a commission. Thus I urge and plead with you to click on as many darned links as possible and whip out your wallet at the slightest whiff of a “Buy Now” button because ramen noodles, although filling, are incredibly boring!

Thank you all so much and I hope to see your comments appear all over this journey.

Cheers for now